Lightning fast WordPress within a minute

Powered Cache is a comprehensive caching and optimization plugin for WordPress. It dramatically boosts site performance which correlates to higher conversions and SEO.


Lightning Fast

PoweredCache dramatically boosts site performance and helps to get better PageSpeed and web vitals results. It’s trusted by mission-critical enterprise-grade websites.

Simple Configuration

You can get your configuration done in a minute, you can also easily import existing configuration.

Word-Class Support

We provide top-notch support to our premium users.

Built-in Extensions

Unlock more features without installing a new plugin or worrying about compatibility.

Automatic Critical CSS

Automatically extracts the CSS for above-the-fold content in order to render content to the user as fast as possible.

ionicons-v5-eImage Optimizer

Optimize images instantly without using your server resources. WebP conversion done right!


WP-CLI commands are ready to save your time. Manage caching like a pro.

Automatic Update

You can update easily through WordPress dashboard.

Global Network

Our on-the-fly image optimizer, strategically positioned across 120+ global locations, provides an unparalleled user experience. It ensures your images are always served with the lowest latency, optimized per device and browser specifications, wherever your users may be.

This global spread not only ensures swift delivery but also significantly reduces bandwidth use, accelerating load times, and improving your website’s overall performance. Experience the power of optimized content delivery on a truly global scale.


Why do you need a faster website?

The slow-running websites have adverse effects on the user experience, site traffic, and SEO. Websites that are optimized for performance have an advantage over slow websites.

Think about a customer sits down to eat at a restaurant, slow service from the waiter often results in poor reviews, and fewer future customers. Similarly, slow site speed can result in poor search engine rankings, lower overall site traffic, and negative user experiences.

People want to find answers to their questions as fast as possible, and Google rewards fast-running websites.


Unlock more speed by using built-in extensions

PoweredCache has been designed as a complete optimization solution for WordPress. However, we believe that your system should be tailored to your needs without the added weight of unwanted functionality. We strive to perfect this balance with our built-in extensions.




Google Tracking

Facebook Tracking


Powered Cache is an easy to start caching solution that can be really powerful with extensions. Powered as promised.

Bora Yalcin

Powered Cache is one of my “must-have” plugins on every WordPress site. Easy to set up and making my websites fast instantly.

Isis M. Casalduc

You have to change the name to AAC (Absolutely Amazing Caching)!! I forced myself to register in order to give it a 5 stars review after i tested it! I’ve tried more than 15 caching plugins (including the 3 big ones)


Great plugin, everything works exactly as it should. Thanks for your work.



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