Simple Configuration: Easy to Set It Up!

The way presentation of the caching features is also essential for a caching plugin. Therefore we provide a “simple configuration” for the plugin.

In a world where complex, bulky software is the norm, it’s refreshing to find a service that’s just simple to use. That’s where Powered Cache comes in. It’s simple to set up and configure in just a few minutes.

Portable Settings: Import/Export Easily

The Import/Export feature is easy to use. You can export Powered Cache settings as a JSON file. And apply the same settings by simply importing the file. Having a portable configuration is a time saver when managing more than one website.

Learn more about import/export settings.

Not a Rocket Science

Since Powered Cache was designed as a performance suite for WordPress, there are lots of ways to control options. But, it is/shouldn’t be complex to tweak settings, it’s not rocket science.

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