WordPress Cache: Lower Page Load Time Instantly

WordPress cache usually refers to a page cache. It is a simple mechanism for caching pages to avoid generating them again and again. This mechanism is especially useful on dynamic sites that have a lot of traffic and a lot of pages.

The Page Cache feature of Powered Cache enables you to cache the output of your pages on your WordPress site, which is to save the HTML output of your page to a file so that it no longer needs to be generated by PHP. This saves processor time and makes the page load faster.

The Fastest Cache

Naming can be tricky when it comes to choosing the right caching plugin on WordPress. Basically, all caching plugins do a similar job. With the Powered Cache, we aimed to maximize the performance of your website and your server. Therefore, it automatically configures .htaccess rules and generates Nginx rewrite rules.

When you have the correct rewrite rules in place, PHP won’t be executed to serve cached results. Nowadays, web servers are using high-performance SSD, and NVMe disks, you might not notice the slightly different performance gains. However, if you measure with the high concurrency you will notice that the Powered Cache is the winner and help them handle more traffic while keeping the server load sane.

Caching REST API Requests Too

Powered Cache helps to cache public Rest API requests too. We know caching alone is not important for rest requests; serving them as the JSON formatted output is also critical – especially for mobile apps. So, it will be served in the proper format all the time.

Vary Cache

Sometimes, the generated page can be slightly different based on the client’s preferences. Especially when having the cookie consent plugin. It’s easy to differentiate and create a different set of cached results based on the client’s preferences.

Powered Cache is also compatible with popular cookie law plugins. You can see the details here.

Mobile Cache

When your WordPress website generates different outputs for mobile devices and desktops, you can cache them separately. In this way, the cached results will be served depending on the device or user agent of the client.

So, it keeps your site fast and loads content for mobile devices separately from desktops.

Multisite Cache

Powered Cache is a multisite network-compatible plugin. You can activate it on-site basis or even network-wide and it will take care of the caching. It is just a few clicks away to optimize your entire network.

It also supports domain mapping. You can use it without additional effort on mapped domains.

The last but not least, it’s compatible with WP Ultimo. If you have or plan to have a WaaS business, it’s the best way to speed up.

Logged-in User Cache

If you activate logged-in user caching, Powered Cache creates a separate set of cache files for each logged-in WordPress user. This option can be useful when you have user-specific content on the website. For instance a membership website.

Why you should use Powered Cache?

Page Cache feature is provided by other popular caching plugins too, and it’s just the fundamentals of caching.

When it comes to choosing the right plugin for your website, you need to think about other benefits and possible conflicts with the 3rd party plugins. Therefore we make Powered Cache provide the best experience for both your and your visitors.

We recommend using the Page Cache feature in conjunction with other caching and optimization features. This article is only about the page cache feature. If you are looking for more information about other optimization features, you can learn more here. And you can always check the documentation about the page cache.