Hello World!

Today, I’m excited to announcing Powered Cache, our brand new WordPress caching and performance plugin.

Why caching matters?

After the famous 5 minute install, WordPress might be looking super fast, but the fact is, every page view requires billions of CPU cycle and when you reach more users your website starts to slow down. So you need a caching solution.

We all know that everyone hates a slow website, search engine crawlers hate them too.

Why should you use Powered Cache?

Powered Cache is the best caching plugin you’re ever going to meet. We designed Powered Cache as a complete optimization solution for WordPress.

Here are the features that make Powered Cache unique;

Simple and easy to use

We are making configuration dead-simple in order to start using it. Yes, plugin configuration should not be as complicated as rocket science.

Built-in Extensions

Powered Cache empowers your website with built-in extensions to provide more functionality; please take a look.

Our bots are your friend

We offer friendly bots to helps preloading cache and periodically checks WordPress’ cron.

Developer Friendly

When you have to customize the things that do not have an option, there should be a proper hook to customization. We care for developers, as much as users.


We are forcing ourself to following all WordPress best practices, that’s mean practically we are compatible with most of the well written plugins.

Please remember, WordPress plugin repository are currently hosting more than 50,000 plugins today.

Product Checklist

We are checking Powered Cache with various environments; multiple PHP/WP versions, WordPress multisite/single site setups, different databases, object cache on/off etc..

Our biggest fear is the white screen of death. We always care about your website and putting serious effort to prevent this kind of critical errors.

Shortly, as the name implies It’s powered 🙂. Please take a look comparison table and make your decision.

If you need lightning fast WordPress, give it a try ⚡️

8 thoughts on “Hello World!”

  1. ben de görür görmez heyecanlandım. söylenenlere ben de katılıyorum. bizden birinin dünya teknolojilerine katkısını görmek gurur verici. kullanmak için sabırsızlanıyoru. biraz bütçe ayarlayabilirsek özel kurulumlu olanını kullanmak isteriz 🙂 iyi çalışmalar. sitemiz yapım aşamasında. bir iki güne kadar wordpress’e geçiş yapıyoruz.

  2. Congrats Mustafa. It’s a really powerful plugin. Did not faced any difficulties in using the plugin. Initially I was using Super Cache. I simply gave it a try. It works like a charm.


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