Make Your WordPress AMP Ready

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) project is just an open-source initiative that is aiming in making the website better for all. The AMP Project allows the creation of sites as well as ads that are consistently beautiful, fast, and high-performing in all distribution platforms and devices. Google Accelerated Mobile Page is designed to assist web publishers in creating mobile-optimized content that usually loads instantly on each device.

What are the benefits of AMP?

Most web surfers need fast search results and loading. Google created the AMP to provide users with incredible loading speed, due to the serious competition available in the world currently. Once Google provides superior speed for the accessed contents through search results, they will absolutely maintain and win the market share.

  1. Faster loading page

One of the main benefits of web pages developed through AMP is that those pages load faster on mobile devices since it was created for this purpose. According to research, this is critical because most mobile users have a tendency of abandoning a site that takes longer to load. Therefore, a business that embraces Google AMP can assist in driving mobile abandonment rates down as well as increasing the conversions.

  1. Increased visibility of publishers

The search results from Google will display AMP symbol in green color. The inclusion of such symbols could welcome clicks through rate improvement of these pages. Search results will stand out more, and many users will start looking for Google AMP pages for quicker loading time.

  1. Improved Web Ranking

Although this tool is not meant to be independent web ranking factor, the page loading speed and mobile friendliness are enough ranking factors. As it improves the loading speed, the website that was built through AMP will receive a reward with higher ranking compared to unresponsive and slower sites.


How to Make your WordPress AMP Ready

There is an excellent plugin by Automattic that allows AMP for your WordPress site. Once you enable this plugin on your site, all your posts URLs will receive an /amp/ version. (In addition, you can adjust standard “amp” endpoint to using the “amp_query_var” filter.) As a result, you can see the “amp” by adding it at the end of your page URL. (currently only support single posts)

The plugin adds an essential meta tag at the head of your pages to ensure that it’s possible for Google to recognize the pages. If you want to change the page’s style, you can achieve it using the Theme Customizer.

Remember, as we can see so far, most of the lazy load plugins are not compatible with AMP pages. As a result, you can use Powered Cache to fix them. Our lazy load extension is 100% compatible with AMP pages, another reason for using our plugin 😉

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