Powered Cache 1.1: Predefined Configurations

Powered Cache 1.1 is now available. Here is the new features you will like 🙂

Human readable cache timeout selection



Easy to select cache timeout value.

Query string removal

You can remove query strings from the static resources with only one click.

.htaccess and nginx configurations are ready!

Predefined (based on your current settings) configuration files are ready to make life easier. Apache users can download .htaccess file and append to exist file, nginx users can include downloaded configuration file by using nginx include directive. (reminder: nginx require reload for applying changes)

Purge “All the Things”

New admin bar menu added for cleaning all the caches, including extensions.


Under the Hood

Better garbage collecting: garbage collector was cleaning all files before, now it only delete expired files. #10

Multisite Improvements: a few multisite related bug fixed and capability checks improved. Page Caching is more respectful site’s own settings now 😉

New Constants: If you are using different configuration files on development/production new constants might be handy. You can define “POWERED_CACHE_OBJECT_CACHE_DROPIN” for object-cache and “POWERED_CACHE_ADVANCED_CACHE_DROPIN” for page cache. #f0516132…

Filesystem Direct: Switched to WP_Filesystem_Direct, because cache related file manipulations needs direct access.

Bug fixes: fixed various bugs existing before.

You can take a look changelogs: Powered Cache 1.1 and Powered Cache Premium 1.1

Please update your plugin through “Dashboard > Update” or download latest version and update manually.

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