Powered Cache 2.3: Improvements and Enhancements

Powered Cache 2.3 is out today! This new release brings improvements and new features. Find out what you can expect!


The minifier dependency has been updated and made some changes to debug file optimizer. As the performance impact of these changes, file optimizer works better when enqueueing a large number of files to process.

Also, we made small but important changes to CDN and file optimizer modules to make them play along with other 3rd plugins.

WPML Domain Mapping

With Powered Cache 2.3, it automatically copies the same caching configuration files for the mapped domains in WPML. It is much easier to speed up your multilingual website when using a different domain for each locale.

API Token for Cloudflare Extension

Cloudflare extension now supports bearer authentication. You can either use email/API key pairs to authenticate or use the bearer with “purge everything” permission.

Async Cache Cleaning (Experimental feature)

With Powered Cache 2.3, we are announcing a new experimental feature. The cache purging process can be tricky on large websites that thousands of expired cache files. In order to avoid that, we are trying to perform cache purging tasks as a background process.

This feature might cause a conflict when having preloading functionality enabled (because both work in the background in similar ways), we recommend using it wisely, and please report your feedback if give it a try to this feature.

We hope you enjoy the new update 🙂

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