Powered Cache 3.0: A Major Leap Forward for WordPress Caching and Optimization

We’re thrilled to unveil the next major release of Powered Cache, your go-to solution for WordPress caching and optimization. The arrival of version 3.0 ushers in a new era of advanced features, updates, and improvements that will revolutionize the optimization and management of your WordPress sites. Join us as we delve into the exciting enhancements that make Powered Cache 3.0 a game-changer in the WordPress optimization landscape.

Updated PHP Requirement

In Powered Cache 3.0, we have raised the minimum required PHP version to 7.2, up from the previous requirement of 5.6. This change aligns with our mission to encourage users to utilize the most recent PHP versions.

Modern PHP versions offer significant performance improvements and security enhancements. By updating your PHP version to 7.2 or higher, you’ll be able to take full advantage of these benefits, along with the latest features and optimizations of Powered Cache 3.0.

We understand that this might necessitate some users to update their PHP versions, and we encourage this transition to ensure the best performance and security for your WordPress sites. Upgrade to PHP 7.2 or later to experience the full power of Powered Cache 3.0.

Bunny Fonts: A Swift and Privacy-Compliant Alternative to Google Fonts

Powered Cache 3.0 introduces Bunny Fonts as a direct drop-in replacement for Google Fonts. Bunny Fonts offers a slight speed advantage over its predecessor and is an excellent choice in regions where privacy regulations restrict the use of Google Fonts.

To simplify the transition, we’ve integrated this feature directly into Powered Cache 3.0, eliminating the need for an additional plugin. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Bunny Fonts — improved load times and compliance with privacy regulations — as an integral part of your Powered Cache experience.

Caching Query String

The new version also adds support for caching query strings. This feature allows the generation of separate cache based on the query and its value, which is particularly useful for sites with dynamic content.

This newly introduced feature also extends compatibility to WooCommerce Geolocation with page cache. This capability facilitates maintaining a distinct cache for each location, further enhancing your site’s performance and efficiency.

Boost Your PageSpeed with Delayed JavaScript Execution

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing website performance, Powered Cache 3.0 introduces the Delayed JavaScript Execution feature. This innovative tool is designed to postpone the execution of JavaScript until it’s necessary, either after a default wait time of 5 seconds or until a user interaction occurs.

By delaying the execution of JavaScript, your website can load and display essential elements more quickly, providing a faster, smoother experience for your visitors. This efficiency gain can result in a significant boost to your PageSpeed scores, improving your site’s overall performance and SEO rankings. Experience the power of optimal load times with Delayed JavaScript Execution in Powered Cache 3.0.

Unused CSS Removal

We’re thrilled to introduce a premium feature that takes website optimization to a new level in Powered Cache 3.0: Unused CSS Removal. This tool is designed to resolve the common issue of “remove unused CSS,” thereby boosting your site’s performance significantly.

The Unused CSS Removal feature operates by rendering the page and generating only the CSS that’s actually used. This eliminates the extra load time associated with unused CSS, creating a leaner, faster-loading site. By using this feature, you can directly tackle one of the most common issues flagged in website performance audits.

Keep in mind, this feature is exclusive to our premium users, underlining our commitment to providing exceptional value to our premium users. Enhance your website’s speed and efficiency with Unused CSS Removal — another way Powered Cache 3.0 is helping you optimize your WordPress site to its fullest potential.

If you want to use Powered Cache Premium, please check our plans.

Object Cache Drop-In Updates

Version 3.0 also provides updates to the object cache drop-in, adding support for multiple and wp_cache_supports, enhancing its versatility and compatibility.

*Multiple* operations have ultimate benefits of performance; you might want to read “How Jonny Made Object Caching Even Faster” to read about object cache updates in WordPress and see benchmark comparison.

WordPress Caching and Optimization hold significant value for dynamic pages as well. Harnessing the power of a robust object cache backend is the key to fully exploiting these pivotal features.

Under the Hood

A Global Bypass Parameter

With the introduction of the nopoweredcache parameter, users now have more flexibility when it comes to skipping optimizations and detailed debugging without needing to deactivate Powered Cache.

New HTML Minification Library

We’ve swapped out our previous HTML minification library with a new, more efficient one. This update is aimed at improving your website’s performance by reducing the size of the HTML code.

Background Processing Library Update

Powered Cache 3.0 includes an updated background processing library for more efficient and reliable task management. This change will enhance the performance and responsiveness of your website’s backend operations.

Refactoring of “Accepted” Query Strings

Previously accepted query strings have been renamed as ignored query strings. This refactoring improves clarity and understanding of cache behavior.

Various Other Improvements and Fixes

Last but not least, Powered Cache 3.0 includes numerous small improvements and bug fixes, fine-tuning the performance and usability of our caching and optimization suite.

In conclusion, Powered Cache 3.0 is a major step forward in WordPress caching and optimization. We believe that these enhancements will greatly improve your website’s performance, user experience, and management efficiency. We can’t wait to see how you utilize these new features and improvements to take your WordPress sites to the next level. Happy optimizing!

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