Powered Cache Premium 2.4: Better Multisite Licensing

I’m happy to announce the new version of Powered Cache Premium today. This version will make the powered cache more affordable for multisite networks.

One License for All Subsites

When it comes to multisite, there are two options on the table.

a) Activate the plugin network-wide. (Gives less control to regular admins but removes to pain about caching configuration)

b) Activate each subsite individually. (Gives more control to regular admins, but they will need to work on configurations)

In terms of licensing;

a) Single license is enough because the plugin is activated for the entire network and controlled by a network admin.

b) If the network admin gives the responsibility of activating plugins to the regular admin, well, it should be the admin’s responsibility to take care of licensing part.

Until today…

Now, I’m excited to introduce the new option “c”

c) Add license key in WordPress configuration file and don’t bother regular admins about licensing.

You can read more about licensing here. And, I hope you like this update.

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