Powered Cache 3.3: Rewrite Support for File Optimizer

As we step into a new month, we are thrilled to present a fresh version of Powered Cache. This update, particularly featuring the new “Rewrite Support for File Optimizer”, is all geared up to significantly enhance your website’s file optimization process.

Let’s delve into the host of enhancements that Powered Cache 3.3 brings to elevate your website’s performance.

Rewrite Support for File Optimizer

The hallmark of Powered Cache 3.3 is undoubtedly the Rewrite Support for File Optimizer. This feature is a game changer in how file optimization is handled on your website:

  • Enhanced CDN Compatibility: Some CDN services may sidestep requests with a “.php” in the resource URL. The rewrite support resolves this issue, ensuring optimal CDN functionality.
  • Bypass WAF Rules: If your Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules obstruct file-optimizer.php from executing, the rewrite support effectively circumvents this limitation, ensuring seamless file optimization.
  • Improved Resource Naming: With rewrite rules, organizing and naming related resources becomes more intuitive, contributing to better resource management and website performance.

PHP 8.2 Compatibility

We’ve addressed the partially supported deprecated callable issue for PHP 8.2, ensuring that Powered Cache remains at the forefront in maintaining high performance and security standards with the latest PHP versions.

Based on our rigorous testing, we can confidently affirm that Powered Cache is fully compatible with PHP 8.2, ready to deliver a seamless, high-speed experience on the updated PHP platform.

WPS Hide Login Compatibility

The integration of WPS Hide Login compatibility in Powered Cache 3.3 is a significant enhancement towards ensuring optimal functionality with security plugins.

Our update now automatically detects the changed login URL generated by the WPS Hide Login plugin and excludes it from being cached, requiring no additional configuration or adjustments from the user. This ensures that your custom login URL remains secure and functions seamlessly, all while maintaining the cache performance of your website.

DOM Optimization for HTML Minification

The introduction of the DOM Optimization option for HTML Minification in Powered Cache 3.3 is a calculated move towards offering more control and effectiveness in HTML minification. While HTML minification can be a double-edged sword, altering the HTML output and potentially causing regressions on a page, its utility without DOM optimization is significantly diminished, especially on servers employing gzip or brotli compression techniques.

The new DOM Optimization feature is a boon for those who are keen on HTML minification and are looking to extract every ounce of performance by reducing their page’s byte size. This feature takes HTML minification a step further by intelligently analyzing and optimizing the Document Object Model (DOM), ensuring that while the HTML is minified, the structural integrity and functionality of the page remain intact.

By enabling DOM Optimization, users who are fixated on HTML minification can now achieve a more refined and effective minification process, squeezing out those extra bytes, all while maintaining a stable and visually intact webpage rendering.

Under the Hood

Dependency Updates

With the release of Powered Cache 3.3, we’ve ensured that all dependencies are updated to their latest versions. This is a step towards ensuring that Powered Cache continues to deliver optimal performance by staying in sync with the latest technological advancements.

Tested with WordPress 6.4

In anticipation of future updates, we have tested Powered Cache 3.3 with the upcoming major version of WordPress, 6.4. This proactive approach ensures that your website remains compatible and continues to deliver a seamless performance, fully prepared to leverage the advancements that WordPress 6.4 will bring.

Premium Enhancements (Powered Cache Premium 3.3)

In Powered Cache Premium 3.3, we’ve made a thoughtful adjustment by disabling link prefetching for logged-in users. Since the pages for logged-in users are rendered dynamically, link prefetching would not be beneficial and could potentially affect the performance. This change ensures a more efficient use of resources, delivering a faster and more responsive user experience for logged-in users.

Powered Cache and Powered Cache Premium 3.3 are more than just updates; they represent significant leaps towards superior website performance. With a spotlight on file optimization through the Rewrite Support for File Optimizer, along with other performance-centric enhancements like DOM optimization and smarter resource management, this release is set to redefine what’s possible in website speed and efficiency. Upgrade to Powered Cache 3.3 today and step into a realm of unparalleled performance and resource optimization. Explore the documentation to delve deeper into the Rewrite Support for File Optimizer feature and harness its full potential for your website.

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