Powered Cache 3.2: Turbocharging WordPress Performance for Lightning-Fast Websites

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Powered Cache 3.2, a pivotal update aimed at Turbocharging WordPress Performance like never before.

At the heart of this upgrade is a laser focus on JavaScript (JS) optimization. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where every millisecond impacts user experience and SEO, achieving peak website performance is non-negotiable. This article will explore in detail the powerful JS optimization features that distinguish Powered Cache 3.2, along with other significant enhancements.

Improved JavaScript Optimization for Turbocharging WordPress Performance

The core functionality has been refactored to provide an enhanced set of JavaScript optimization and execution options.

In this version, activating the “Combine JavaScript” feature requires you to first enable the “Minification” option. However, regardless of your minification settings, the “Combine JavaScript” feature will be automatically disabled if “Delay JS” is enabled, in order to maintain compatibility.

Defer JS & Delay JS

In this version, you have the capability to enable both ‘Defer’ and ‘Delay’ options simultaneously. This is a significant change from the previous version of the plugin, which only permitted one method for JavaScript execution. That option has now been entirely revamped.

In addition to being able to enable both “Defer” and “Delay” options together, the latest version of our plugin introduces the ability to defer inline JavaScript, specifically when jQuery is detected. This addresses the often fragile nature of inline JavaScript, aiming to improve both performance and compatibility.

Disable JavaScript Execution method for a specific post

Selectively control how JavaScript is executed on individual posts within your website. This means that while your global settings will apply to the rest of your website, the particular post where this feature is enabled will follow its own set of rules for JavaScript execution.

For a real-world example; if the contact form is not working as expected after enabling defer or/and delay js, simply disable it for a particular page.

Add Missing Image Dimensions

Is your website suffering from layout shifts due to images loading without predefined dimensions?

Powered Cache Premium 3.2 addresses this by automatically injecting missing width and height attributes into your images. By defining these dimensions ahead of time, the browser knows exactly how much space to allocate for images, resulting in a smoother, more stable rendering process. This not only enhances your visitors’ experience but also positively impacts your Core Web Vitals, a crucial metric for performance.

Prefetch links

Are you aiming to achieve not just fast, but instant subsequent page-loads? Powered Cache 3.2’s Prefetch Links feature is engineered to do just that. By prefetching or prerendering in-viewport links during idle time, this premium function pulls likely-to-be-visited pages into the browser’s cache before the user even clicks on them. The result? When they do, the page loads virtually instantaneously, giving your visitors an unparalleled browsing experience.

Please check our documentation to learn more about prefetching links.

Under the Hood

While the major features often steal the spotlight, it’s the under-the-hood improvements that ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Here’s a peek at the technical tweaks that make Powered Cache 3.2 more stable, compatible, and user-friendly.

Compatibility with Bricks Builder

With this update, Powered Cache is now fully compatible with Bricks Builder. This opens doors for users who rely on Bricks Builder for their site architecture, ensuring smooth performance without any compatibility issues.

New Global Admin Notice for Cache Purging

The addition of a global admin notice prompts users to purge their cache when a new plugin is activated or deactivated. This smart feature aims to prevent any potential conflicts or issues that could arise from stale cache data.

Customizer Preview and Colibri Page Builder Compatibility

The file optimizer now intelligently abstains from running when you’re in the Customizer preview mode. This makes Powered Cache 3.2 compatible with Colibri Page Builder, enabling you to fine-tune your website’s appearance without any hiccups.

Disabled DOM Parser for HTML Minification

We’ve disabled DOM parser-based optimization for HTML minification to prevent any unintended issues. This ensures that your HTML remains clean and streamlined without affecting its integrity.

Diagnostic Modal Glitch Fixed

A glitch that occasionally appeared in the Diagnostic modal has been addressed, making the troubleshooting process smoother and more reliable.

Feedback Messages During Async Tasks

In an effort to keep you informed during key processes, Powered Cache Premium 3.2 now provides admin notices for async tasks like generating used CSS or Critical CSS. These feedback messages appear only on the plugin’s admin page, ensuring you’re always aware of the progress or completion status while these critical tasks are running. This feature enhances the user experience by adding a layer of transparency and real-time feedback, making it easier to manage your website’s performance optimization.

Settings Page DOM Violations Fixed

Any DOM violations that appeared on the Settings page have been resolved. This is part of our ongoing commitment to adhere to best coding practices, ensuring that the plugin remains robust and error-free.

These behind-the-scenes enhancements may not be immediately visible, but they contribute significantly to the overall performance, reliability, and compatibility of Powered Cache 3.2. We believe in a comprehensive approach to optimization, and these changes echo that philosophy.

Important Upgrade Routine for Existing Users

For those of you who are already enjoying the benefits of Powered Cache, please note an essential upgrade routine coming with version 3.2. The JavaScript execution method settings you currently use will be automatically mapped to the new settings introduced in this update. This ensures a seamless transition, maintaining the optimized performance you’ve come to expect while taking advantage of the improved capabilities in Powered Cache 3.2.

We recommend reviewing your JavaScript settings post-upgrade to ensure that everything is aligned with your performance goals. This routine is part of our commitment to offering you a smooth, hassle-free experience while keeping up with the latest in optimization technology.

Powered Cache 3.2 isn’t just another update; it’s a significant leap forward in website optimization technology. With JavaScript optimization at its core, this version aims to offer an unparalleled browsing experience while keeping SEO considerations front and center. Update or upgrade today and experience the difference.

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